Teyel Advisory website has been launched and with it this first article in its “news” section, which will be regularly updated with in-depth articles on various topics that directly or indirectly concern the economic world in which we are operating.

For this first post, it seemed important to us to start by defining Teyel Advisory’s DNA through its values, which are the result of multiple experiences in various environments that have undergone radical and rapid changes in the business model.

The shrinking of space-time has become the central concern of the world economy.


A proactive commitment to entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and investment are essential values.

Teyel Advisory is naturally part of a proactive approach on the entrepreneur side through an ambitious structured support programme whose support services can be partially converted into warrants and/or any other securities of the client company throughout its life.

This allows the company to be confident about the quality of Teyel Advisory’s work over time without having diverging interests with new investors during successive fundraising campaigns. Teyel Advisory provides a tool that reduces the dilution of entrepreneurs in fundraising while securing the actions and shares of potential conflicts between partners (the cause that represents 50% of corporate failures)

On the other hand, the company will see a direct financial interest in it since it will only pay part of the service in case out according to a scale agreed together over time.

The financial valuation strategy can be established in a structured and agile way with steps built in advance of future capital movements.

This is of course an option offered to entrepreneurs and/or founders of the company creating value and levers in an entrepreneurial dynamic unique on the market today.


Continuous creativity in a changing world.

The second value that Teyel Advisory holds dear is creativity in all its bold forms.

We therefore offer a series of progressive programs in different fields to create energies that generate synergies and power for all the companies we support.

As such, we have decided to participate in some fundraising activities that our Strategy Committee will consider to be in line with our strategy.

This approach may be based on the company’s initial global strategy, or on the evolution of its Track-record, product plan, market or simply on a build-up approach.

Build-up is a Teyel Advisory specialty in which we believe especially in this world where time is the master of the game and speed is essential.

This approach can be done from the perspective of acquiring complementary technologies, brands, geographical presence or know-how.

This is a deliberate commitment and is combined with the wishes of the entrepreneurs that we will support in the different stages of a company’s life.

Teyel Advisory’s creativity and experience not only allows us to think in terms of bringing companies together across sectors, business, technology, geography or knowledge, but also to switch to execution mode to carry out the operation and integrate the units to form a coherent and powerful group.


A laboratory that meets the evolving needs of companies.

In order to highlight this value we have built a program that we have named “laboratory” that allows any company that offers a new solution and/or services to submit to our customers so that they can test them and participate in their evolution.

This program is open to all and can be activated in the contact section by sending an email to labo@teyeladvisory.com by all companies wishing to participate.

We attach great importance to promoting new technologies that are constantly breaking new ground in order to facilitate the daily lives of entrepreneurs and save time.

This approach will produce potential synergies with start-ups that will be linked by converging visions, capital, business complementarities and tools.


Agility and the Lean start-up method

Agility is the ability for companies to continuously challenge their methods of executing a plan. This approach has been theorized by the experience of start-ups through the adaptation of Japanese Lean methods, including those used by Toyota with step-by-step analysis with regular tests performed.

Teyel Advisory uses this methodology to support its clients in order to pursue the right path that can be adjusted according to the actors, the market, the technologies or any other event that occurs more and more quickly in the life of a company.

We believe that agility is an integral part of the company’s strategy.

Perpetual movement makes people exist.


The human engine with an innovative and committed approach.

Finally, at the center of all the values mentioned above is the most important one that constitutes the driving force behind everything: the human being.

To share these values and put people at the heart of our energy reactor, we have decided to retain our company’s employees by associating them directly with the company’s capital through a long-term loyalty program.

To apply, each candidate who shares his or her values and recognized skills that we need will be welcome and can apply directly on our website by email recrutement@teyeladvisory.com

We would be very happy to discuss with you these or other topics that you may find interesting to bring to our attention.


Franck Zuili

Chairman of Teyel Advisory

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