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As a human engine with a innovative and committed approach. In the heart of Teyel Advisory’s values is the human dimension.

People are at the centre of our energy. We have decided to build the fidelity of Teyel Advisory employees by involving them in the company’s capital through a long-term fidelity program.

To apply, each candidate who shares these values and recognized skills will be welcome and can apply directly on our site by email through a job offer or by spontaneous application on the following email:


Teyel Advisory value offers

TEYEL brings its network of experts, expertise and skills to the world.

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Recurring services on the 3 Teyel Advisory pillars for start-ups to enable them to accelerate their development in a fast and structured way (speed-up).

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Audits and process

Specific and/or recurring Audits on specific missions that require expertise. The areas of intervention can cover the 3 steps defined by the Teyel Advisory method.

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Training and hiring team

Training or further training in the fields of Finance, operations or the management of the execution of a strategic plan based on the methods designed by Teyel Advisory.

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