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Teyel Advisory is the European leader in new financial management services, offering a complete range of operational and strategic financial advice in a creative, agile and disruptive approach.

Teyel Advisory’s role is to assist its customers, companies or start-ups in developing their activities, by providing them with quality services with high value added.

Teyel Advisory’s offers

  • Value offer dedicated to Start-ups: : Recurring services on the 3 pillars Teyel Advisory for start-ups to allow them to accelerate their growth in a rapid and structured way (speed-up).
  • Audits and procedures offer: Specific and/or recurrent Audits on selected missions requiring assessment. The fields of intervention can be divided into the three stages defined by Teyel Advisory.
  • Training offer: Training or development in the fields of finance, business or the execution of a strategic plan based on the methods designed by Teyel Advisory.

Each pillar has to be intrinsically adapted to the changes observed in agile mode of business activity and/or the challenges faced.


The New Age of Strategy and Finance advisory

Our value offer consists of 3 structuring steps comprising a strategic step, an execution phase that is often accompanied by a need for more or less significant financing

Strategy Definition Phase

In this essential phase, Teyel Advisory helps entrepreneurs or managers to define a 5-year course, a kind of guideline that they set themselves to follow despite the vagaries of the company’s life. To do this, it will be necessary to analyse and challenge different parameters such as the product and/or services, the market it addresses but also its cost structure, its price, its sales cycle and the distribution channels (potential partnerships) and sales.

This work is valid for a Start-up as well as for a company that wants to make target acquisitions. This work is also required in implementing an acquisitions/disposals (M&A) policy for targets and/or build-ups in order to coordinate additional business and seek synergies.

As a result of this process, a Financial Business Plan will be drawn up with all the components described and an Action Plan divided by discipline: Product roadmap, sales and marketing plan, resource upgrades, tools and systems, technology, geographical development, competition, etc.

Execution and operational management step

The goal of this step is to acquire market positions, to consolidate them and/or to diversified/disrupted them. To be analysed, audited, integrated and action driven in the context of company acquisitions/transfers, build-up operations and re-structuring in a market or technology. Teyel Advisory has all the necessary skills to support you in these processes.

Project management is also part of this work of execution, whatever the nature of the project, it is necessary to have and apply a methodology that Teyel Advisory practises with experience.

In this stage, team recruitment, training and coaching are an integral part of this execution process. This step also consists in setting up the tools and reports that allow you to follow the company’s activity in an agile way in order to take the required corrective actions in a short time.

These reports can be divided into 3 main segments:


Those needed for the company’s operational activity including sales, margins, other costs constituting profitability.

Accounting in the broad context and its use of financial statements with a more focused on overhead costs, income recognition rules, tools used and associated services.

Cash management with several objectives :

Short-term (12 months rolling with continuous updating),

Medium term (financing of the activity at cruising speed and/or integration-acquisition/sale item)

And long-term in order to calibrate the financing needs linked to the company’s future development (anticipatory vision).


Financing of operational activity.

The tools used can be at 2 levels:

Finally, the way to finance the bottom line items (customers, inventories, working capital requirements, suppliers)

As well as equity items (grants, fundraising and all other forms of financing)

Financing of external growth

The tools that make it possible to finance acquisitions and/or disposals on market positions.

We offer value to large companies that want to structure their approaches and adjust to new markets and products, as well as to start-ups at various phases of their company’s development.

Teyel Advisory offers to support you in all phases of transformation and evolution of your company’s life.

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According to INSEE statistics, 25% of companies fail in the first two in the first two years, and 49.5% fail in the first five years.

This failure rate is even higher for start-ups: we talk about 80% failure even if no official statistics have yet been produced.

failures are reported to be due to commercial deficiencies
failures would be the result of management deficiencies
failures are reported to result from a lack of technical skills

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