Creativity, co-construction and build-up to leverage continuous improvement.

The second value dear to Teyel Advisory is creativity in all its bolder forms.


1-Sustaining synergies that create value

We are offering a series of evolutive programs to generate strong value-creating energies, create synergies and empower the companies that we support.

As such, we may participate in certain fundraising activities that our Strategy Committee believes are in line with our strategy.

This initiative may result from the company’s initial global strategy, or from the evolution of its Track-record, product plan, market or just from a build-up approach.

Build-up is a specialization of Teyel Advisory. We are particularly focused on this, in a world where time is the key and speed plays an essential role in success.

This approach may be done through through the acquisition of additional technologies, brands, geographical coverage or knowhow.

This is a deliberate commitment, combined with the wishes of entrepreneurs whom we will support in the various stages of a business’s development.

Teyel Advisory’s creativity and experience make it possible to not only think in terms of company mergers according to industry, business, technology, geography or knowledge, but also to switch to execution modes to carry out the operation and integrate the units to form a coherent and powerful group. We do not just advise you from afar. We get involved with you. Our success is joint.


2-A laboratory that answers the evolving needs of companies.

To implement this strategy, which is aligned with Teyel Advisory’s values and DNA, we have built a ” laboratory ” programme that enables all companies with a new solution and/or services to submit it to our customers so that they can test them and participate in their development.

This program is accessible to all. It can be activated under contact by sending an email to for all companies wishing to join.

We attach a high importance in promoting new technologies that are continuously disrupting practices in order to make the daily life of entrepreneurs more comfortable and time-saving.

This approach produces synergies with start-ups that are linked by a combination of visions, capital, business complementarities and tools.

We would be very happy to discuss with you these or other topics that you may find interesting to bring to our attention.


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