Agile mode and Lean start-up to co-create the world of tomorrow.

Agile strategy and finance

Agility is characterized by the ability of companies to continually challenge the methods they use to execute a plan. This method has been theorized by an experience of startups by adjusting the Japanese Lean methods, used by Toyota with step by step analysis with periodic testing.

Teyel Advisory uses these methods to guide its customers in order to follow the right path and adjust it according to the players, the market, technologies or any other events that occur, and this is increasingly rapidly, in the life of a company.

Agile is an integral part of the company’s strategy.

Existing is to be in movement.


Develop women and men through an innovative and resolutely committed approach.

At the heart of all the values that weave Teyel’s DNA is the most important one that constitutes the driving force behind everything: the people.

To put people at the heart of our energy system, we have decided to retain our company’s employees by directly associate them with the company’s equity through a loyalty program. We are committed to our employees as we are to our contractor customers and partners. Together, we must co-create the world of tomorrow, based on an ever-sharper vision, by giving ourselves the concrete means to achieve our ambitions.

To apply, every candidate who shares these values and recognized skills that we need is welcome. He can apply directly on our website by email

We would be very happy to discuss with you these or other topics that you may find interesting to bring to our attention.

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