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A strategic and operational consulting firm whose role is to assist its customers, Enterprises or start-ups in developing their activities, by offering them high-quality services with high value added.

Teyel Advisory was founded by Franck Zuili in 2016. After beginning a career in the audit department of Big4, Franck held the position of Chief Financial Officer in prestigious international companies for more than 20 years before moving into the world of start-ups by creating a new software.

The result of this dual experience in Finance ( rigor and pragmatism) and in the world of Start-ups (creativity, agility and reactivity) is the DNA of Teyel Advisory.

Teyel Advisory has become the European leader in new financial management services by offering a complete range of strategy, operational and financing consulting services with a creative and agile approach to its methods.

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Our philosophy!

Teyel Advisory is the result of a strategic entrepreneurial vision that links the two worlds of historical companies with proven economic fundamentals (in the sense of Warren Buffet, for example) and the creative, agile and fast world of start-ups. Teyel Advisory is the bridge between these 2 worlds, each of which has complementary qualities.”

Improvisation is now an integral part of young companies, it is through this that they make discoveries. However, as these companies grow, they need a planning framework and objectives to guide them. In this way, they can continue to try new things and react to changing markets, but without losing sight of broader objectives, aimed at making their business sustainable. Otherwise, improvisation is essentially a spill of ideas without purpose or object.

Harvard Business Review. Octobre – Novembre 2016 --Focus on long-term entrepreneurship

The lean strategy process used by Teyel Advisory integrates a bottom-up lean start-up approach with the top-down orientation of strategic management. As iteratively, companies build new capabilities and revise their original strategy based on what they learn.

This Lean Start-up method is used by Teyel Advisory and customized for other companies or groups to allow them to always evolve in a more flexible and well-structured way in a world of fast-changing and ever-evolving world.

Teyel Advisory is committed to having a philosophy that combines all the attributes of both worlds: method, structuring, long-term strategy, rigor, vision combined with timeliness of execution and adaptability to new business models.

Finally, the core of Teyel Advisory’s vision is focused on its strong commitment to entrepreneurship. His philosophy is to remain throughout the life of the company on the side of the entrepreneurs’ interests.

This is essential to maintain the integrity.

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Teyel Advisory value offers

TEYEL brings its network of experts, expertise and skills to the world.

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Recurring services on the 3 Teyel Advisory pillars for start-ups to enable them to accelerate their development in a fast and structured way (speed-up).

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Audits and process

Specific and/or recurring Audits on specific missions that require expertise. The areas of intervention can cover the 3 steps defined by the Teyel Advisory method.

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Training and hiring team

Training or further training in the fields of Finance, operations or the management of the execution of a strategic plan based on the methods designed by Teyel Advisory.

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